• Total Wholeness:

    Explore the connection between the mind and body. Learn how to live in good health by enhancing confidence, self worth, and self-esteem.

  • Master Self Care:

    Train your mind to think positively and develop the habit of gratitude. Getting your own needs met will enable you to elevate your surroundings.

  • Stress Management:

    Learn the difference between good stress and bad stress. Receive tools to handle the trials and tribulations of life.

  • The Power of Forgiveness:

    Not forgiving people is the quickest way for them to have power over you. We examine the root of your damaged emotions and we teach you how to let go of pain. Forgive and keep your power.

  • The Power of Yes and No:

    Leave the guilt behind and rejuvenate your voice with the ability to say YES or NO!

  • Fabulous You:

    Learn how to accept your best self and receive the great opportunities waiting for you.

  • Vision Map:

    Explore the process of creating your dreams through the pairing of vision and goal setting.

  • Conflict Mastery:

    Discuss the importance of conflict in moving towards creativity and critical conversations.

Culture & Equity Training

Relationship building is the key to establishing long lasting success. It can be tough to co-exist with other talented individuals in a vertical or flat organization. In this workshop, there is only one goal and that is to create something amazing with the culmination of talent. Learn how to work in a culture of diversity.

Explore how to communicate the importance of acceptance and equity for all persons. Empower your organization or business to embrace the positive differences of all.

*Individual, Group and Workshop Sessions Available

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